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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  April 15, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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chopper 7. that collapse sent a ripple effect throughout the evening rush hour as you might expect. it's caused closures on metro's green line in both directions. marc's camden line service was stopped for more than an hour. that's up and running again now, though. roz slater live near the scene with the very latest at this hour. roz? roz: leon i just got word from metro that it will also affect the morning commute. we'll tell you more about that in a second. take a look here. they are amassing a number of investigators and folks on scene here as they try to figure out how to proceed here. we're told a portion of the rail is damaged. of course the work here will go into the night and now possibly we're learning into the next morning. let's show you and tell you a little bit about what we know so far about how all of this happened and we're told right around 3:00 this afternoon, a metro contractor was moving a large piece of equipment, a rail crane down the tracks and the upper portion of that crane, the boom portion was extended and it
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wasn't supposed to be and it struck a section overhead. that massive section of concrete came crashing down on to the metro rail tracks amazingly, nobody was injured because normally there are people standing or at least walking on that pedestrian bridge overhead. metro says they were building a test track for the new 7,000 series rail car. >> they were in the process, it looks like of dropping the crushed rock at the time in support of that project. the crane is used to move on that the track bed. for whatever reason the crane was not in the correct position and made contact with the pedestrian bridge. roz: that's why you had the interruption of green line service for the rush hour. most of it on this end of the green line between college park
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no trains running between college park and greenbelt. there le buses bussing people back and forth from those two locations. so that is what we've just learned will be the story, again in the morning. morning commute there will still be this disruption. people who are coming to and he says a lot of people drive to the greenbelt station. if you get there, you can take a shuttle bus around to college park and pick up the green line. otherwise, you could take another green line station but again, the morning commute will be affected. information we are just getting from metro so give you more information of what you can do as an alternative when we see you back here at 11:00. we're live in college park, roz slater, abc 7 news. leon: of course folks, abc 7 will continue to follow this breaking story. right now, you can find information for commuters affected by this on line. we'll have that for you at now, let's get to that other major story that we've been following today and apparently politically disgruntled postal worker who landed a small single person helicopter or gyrocopter
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right here on the west lawn of the u.s. capitol here, just barely 100 yards away from the place where the president gives the inaugural address every four years. tonight, we're learning what this man planned to do as questions arise now over how such a major security breach could even happen. senior political reporter scott thuman was there near the capitol as this unfolded and he's live there now on give us the latest on what he's learned. scott? scott: yeah, leon. let me show you the scene as it stands right now. that gyrocopter landed just about 100 yards behind me where you see that orange cone in the middle of the lawn in front of the west side of the u.s. capitol. it has obviously, now been since removed for investigation. but this is supposed to be a statement, a demonstration. instead, it comes with some real panic here on the hill. a surreal scene at the u.s. capitol. a man flying a small gyrocopter lands on the west lawn. police quickly surrounding it
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pulling him out and handcuffing him. >> it came very low and i was like this guy is going to go into the pond. and then flew across the road and ended up on the capitol lawn. >> i couldn't believe it, actually, because any kind of aircraft flying here at all, especially that low is unusual. everybody was pretty shocked when it flew over. stephen: tourists taking group photos feet away say that's what alarmed them most. >> it was very low. the height of the light poles here. stephen: the u.s. post office markings on the gyrocopter causing more confusion. >> at first we thought it was very odd but then, of course when we saw the squadrons of police converging on the guy, then we got a little concerned that there might be explosives or something on board and then we all left the area. stephen: the pilot, a florida postal carrier identified as doug hughes was reportedly trying to protest what he called campaign finance corruption. the goal -- deliver 535 letters to all members of congress expressing thinks anger.
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>> not a very smart way to demonstrate, i don't think. stephen: scenarios like this prompt the what if question. what if it had been some sort of attack. well homeland security chairman mike mccall says had the pilot gotten any closer to the actual capitol building that authorities were prepared to shoot him down. live on capitol hill tonight, scott thuman, abc 7 news. leon: thank you, scott. moments after that gyrocopter landed, we put the i-team to work to see who was the man behind the controls of that device. joce sterman is live in the newsroom with information you'll only see here on 7. joce? joce: some of what we know about this pilot is courtesy of "the tampa bay times" that identified him as 61-year-old doug hughes. we've done our own digging and found links to this website called the civilist papers and their four step plan to reform the government. it appears that today's flight was a protest. >> i'm happy that he's safe.
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i'm happy that you know no one was hurt. it will be interesting to see how people respond to this, you know. joce: "7 on your side" i-team is digging in to understand more about doug hughes, a mailman with no serious record dating back at least 20 years. the website he's affiliated with is for a florida nonprofit called the civilist papers. it lists him as the vice president. the organization's goal is to reform congress. and today's mission appears to be part of the plan. video from "the tampa bay times" shows hughes practicing for today's flight and piloting that aircraft that social media shows hughes had since at least 2013. today, though he was arrested after flying that plane into restricted airspace. landing on the capitol lawn. now, hughes' goal, according to that tampa reporter was to raise awareness about the need for campaign finance reform. >> but he thought if i do a stunt big enough, i can -- i can get people's attention. get people to think about this
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-- about corruption in government. about how corporations can buy elections. joce: we could not find an active f.a.a. certificate for hughes. but he may not have needed one in this case. the airline operators and pilots association tells us that unless that plane weighed more than 254 pounds, he would not have needed that to fly the plane. joce sterman, abc 7 news. leon: very interesting. thank you. abc 7's comprehensive coverage of the incident at the u.s. capitol are available to you on there you'll find pictures and videos from our crews and also eyewitnesses land -- renditions rather of showing the landing the moments after to how people reacted to all that as it happened. still ahead here on abc 7 news at 6:00 -- >> i'm not racist. leon: a teenager charged with spraying hate messages on a synagogue. why he says he did it. plus -- >> i decided to jump out of the
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truck. leon: one year after a terror group abducted 300 girls from nigeria, we hear from a woman who escaped. how this nation is remembering abraham lincoln 150 years after his death. doug: and i'm doug hill in the belfort furniture weather center. finally a little sunshine on this wednesday afternoon. we'll let you know if there's more to come in that thursday forecast. stay with
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>> ladies and gentlemen, our president has breathed its last. leon: one of the nation's most sad moments commemorated today outside of the peterson house in northwest washington where 150 years ago this morning, abraham lincoln died. hours after being shot by john wilkes booth at ford's theater. across the street from the home as a matter of fact. huned out today to mark the anniversary. >> and it was a cold night with drizzly rain and it was -- >> shock and awe of how quickly something huge and drastic can happen and change the course of history. leon: bells tolled at churches across the district at 7:22 a.m. this morning, the moment that lincoln died 150 years ago. flag at the white house flew at half staff today in memory of the 16th president. this week marks one year of the kidnapping of hundreds of school girls by that terrorist group in
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nigeria. today, a survivor of that attack stood with lawmakers outside of the u.s. capitol. speaking before the afternoon's lockdown, she did not forget her missing classmates and recounted her harrowing escape. >> i decided to jump out of the truck. i rather die that my parents have my body than to go with the boko haram. leon: of the nearly 300 girls who were taken, only a few dozen managed to escape. it's believed those who did not escape were enslaved and forced to convert to a radical form of islam. we're following a developing story out of fairfax county where police have arrested officer william "bud" walker on two counts of possessing child pornography. this is walker's mug shot and we just received this moments ago in the newsroom. prior to his arrest he was a public information officer with the department and served as a school resource officer at south county high school in lorton
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from 2006 to 2009. walker was relieved of duty last thursday following a tip to the major crimes division's child exploitation unit. a news conference is scheduled for 7:15 tonight and you can watch it live on our sister station, newschannel 8 and we'll have a report here for you as well. confession from the teenager arrested accused of spray painting swastikas and other racist images on a gaithersburg synagogue. sebastian espinoza-carranza is facing multiple charges including defacement of religious property. more charges are likely we're told. police say that espinoza-carranza is the man caught on video in the early morning hours of april 7th spraying messages of hate. espinoza-carranza contends though, that he's not a racist. he calls it just a stupid prank. >> i wish i couldn't have done this. i feel really sorry about this. like i feel really bad. and i really regret doing this. leon: the charges against espinoza-carranza can carry a sentence of up to nine years.
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three other teenagers are likely to face juvenile charges we've learned. next on abc 7 news at 6:00 a growing and dangerous divide. how police are responding after more videos of violent encounters erode the public's trust. and doug hill lays out when we'll be dealing with rain and whether your weekend plans are in jeopardy plus we'll head down to verizon center. caps superstar alex ovechkin has arrived there getting ready for tonight's huge opening game of the nhl playoffs. tell you all about it just ahead.
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leon: it is becoming an almost common sight these days. confrontations between police and citizens, some of them violent. last night, this was the scene in new york city where dozens were arrested in a police -- in a protest, rather against police brutality. so how are these kinds of images impacting the public's trust when it comes to police? brianne carter is live now with what she found and we should warn you in advance, some may find the videos a little hard to watch. brianne? brianne: indeed leon. this dramatic dash cam video that you see here it shows an officer in arizona intentionally
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striking an armed suspect to pursue him after an alleged crime spree. it's just the latest in a string of incidents showing police using force and now the concern it's causing. >> you think it's a symptom of the times. there's just a lot of cameras and a lot of videos. brianne: some now say the flood of police images is making it more dangerous for the people trying to protect and serve. >> what it's caused is for people to try to challenge and not necessarily challenge in court or to challenge was the police officer right or wrong? but a challenge that is a negative and dangerous thing for people to do when you encounter police officers. brianne: delray burton says it's causing an issue of trust for people who almost never encounter the police. >> when you see that stuff constantly and you don't get balance and don't get the full information of what's going on it tends to degrade their trust in policing as an institution. >> my feelings have changed.
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i think it changes people, you know, the general public's feeling of things. brianne: anthony sampson says he sees that growing mistrust in other places but not here locally. >> not here at all. the majority of police officers i've ever seen them before, i know them. so i don't have to worry about them whatsoever. brianne: what about others in our region? >> hope it would be case by case, city by case. >> as i get older i still feel a little more comfortable now. brianne: we're talking to many people around town. some brought up the topic of body cameras and the transparency. they say what that would bring. and the body camera issue obviously very hot in the country, especially in d.c. where there's an ongoing debate of how much is recorded on those body cameras to be seen by the public. leon? leon: thank you, brianne. debate will continue. and we'll continue to follow that and let you follow the weather today. leon: still a lot of clouds. tomorrow will be beautiful. let's see if we can get beautiful stuff for the weekend
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for you. this is the weather bug camera in gaithersburg on the campus of the national institute of standards and technology. blue sky early on. that's faded away. the clouds came in. that was the weather story across the entire region today. cloudy skies. late in the afternoon, few areas started to see some breaks in the overcast and that trend will continue through the evening hours. today on our almanac page 68 degrees was the high at reagan national. and 67 was the average low and by tomorrow morning it will be a bit cooler. temperatures hovering in the low to mid 60's right now. 66 in reagan national and frederick. out at luray, 63. same in winchester. with skies clearing and a gentle north-northeast wind that will bring enough cooler air to drop temperatures in the 40's by early tomorg and wake up sunshine for a change. enjoy overnight hours, there will be lighter winds. big view of the stars tonight and tomorrow get ready for some sunshine all due to high pressure. across southwestern ontario, canada and spread east across new england and during the day,
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it's slowly pushing the rain south. as we head south, eventually it will head back north and friday is the day that we'll see more rain in the area. our futurecast checksous the day's possibilities tomorrow and we'll stop it at noon with high pressure off boston. keeping us bright and sunny. some cloudiness will move in the afternoon. more cloudiness tomorrow night and a few showers may pop up overnight into friday morning and a few showers during the day on friday. eventually this high pressure center will move in and start to clear us out saturday morning and i think we'll be in fine shape for the day on saturday. 70's and sunshine. another system will move in here late sunday with more clouds and probably more rain by late sunday afternoon or monday. so our forecast for tomorrow, lots of sunshine early. a few clouds later in the day. pleasant, though. 67 degrees for a high. and then the next seven days shows the 40% possibility of rain on friday. beautiful weather saturday. clouds roll in sunday with late afternoon or evening rain. 60% chance. 60% chance that will linger through monday and then clearing skies late monday tuesday and
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wednesday. leon? leon: all right. up next, they're getting ready to rock the red downtown. when we come back from break, robert burton has the latest as the caps drop the puck on the 2015 stanley cup playoffs. so i'm working from home. i get on a video conference. with my boss, and my boss's boss.
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robert: welcome here. we are at verizon for game one
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of the 2015 stanley cup playoffs. caps and islanders. and these two teams are no strangers to each other in the playoffs as well as the regular season. they met up four times this season. they split the series 2-2. alex ovechkin scoring a total of four goals against this team for this season. now, earlier, we got a chance to talk to barry trotz and he says hey, a little different this year. >> there's going to be a hero you know in this series. every year there's a person who is probably not expected to be -- to have a big impact and has a big impact and a lot of times the series are not necessarily won with your top player. but sometimes those top players are sort of cancel each other out and then it's that next group of players that you know, have a big impact. robert: while all the talk is about the caps for tonight, the nats had a day game trying to avoid a sweep against the boston red sox. so let's get to the action. how about this?
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ian desmond. this is a s shot. top of the third, that would make it 3-2 nats. later, how about tyler moore? that's a two-run shot in the top of the seventh. the nats would go on to avoid the sweep. the final for this one is 10-5. also, the wizards are in action tonight against lebron and the cavaliers. they'll find out who they'll face in the post season. now, check this out. if the bulls win the wiz will play the raptors. if the bulls lose and toronto loses, the wiz will play the raptors. if the bulls lose and toronto wins the wiz will play the bulls. now, i'll be sticking out like a sore thumb. i have a gray suit on. comes 7:00 when the puck drops, all the blue seats you see behind me will be red in a little bit. game time in a little under a half-hour at the phone booth robert burton, abc 7 sports. back to you.
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leon: good deal. thanks, robert. hopefully by 11:00 we have some good news. doug: two washington sports teams win in the same day? that would be great. clouds late in the day. 67 degrees for the high. rain on friday. should clear out friday night and saturday looks to be the best of the bunch ahead. sunshine is 75. at some point, sunday afternoon and sunday evening some rain will return. lingering into monday and clearing out thereafter. steve rudin will get new computer model guidance in the evening and he'll update the weekend forecast and probably a few more things as well when you join you tonight. leon: going up or going down? doug: everything will go up. mold spores will go down but the rest up. leon: we've been warned. thanks for that. "world news tonight" coming up next right here. join us for news at
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tonight, the major security breach the chaos, the pilot flying undetected able to land on the capitol lawn. tourists stunned. the immediate lockdown. >> this is not good, people. >> the bomb squad called in. how did that pilot get so close? the guilty verdict. the former nfl star the $40 million contract. tonight, convicted of murder. you'll see the tears in that courtroom. the police officer using his car to take down a suspect. >> oh! >> tonight, authorities standing by their officer as we reveal what happened in the moments before. the urgent warning. the rare strain of deadly dog flu now showing up in the u.s. more than 1,000 cases and counting tonight. and the famous actor, and the meltdown on-set. it left so many stunned. >> don't [ bleep ] dennis me. >> tonight, the real story.


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